Zany & Loveable Brand Ambassador’s ‘Chick and Chook’ Set to Boost Awareness for Selected Consumer Brands & Causes

In the cut-throat world of Enterprise’s fighting for increased market share, one company believes they have the answer to accomplish just that. With the launch of ‘Chick and Chook Brand Ambassadors’ they are confident they can bring huge rewards for selected Companies to dramatically increase their brand awareness, elevate their revenues and increase customer loyalty.

It would be safe to say that there’s no doubt brands are forever on the lookout for something, fresh, innovative and totally different in which to woo new customers, and capitalize on existing ones. But Eyedeas Company International, the Creators of Chick and Chook Brand Ambassadors are quick to point out that the word ‘selected’ is an important one. In other words, there is no automatic ‘yes’ when an enquiry presents itself with keen interest to utilize the talents that are unique to Chick and Chook.

“Firstly, says Eyedeas,  the Brands should be synonymous with pleasure/fun and/or cause related. Secondly, the Products and/or Services that the Brands offer, must be available in at least 3 countries, either in ‘Bricks and Mortor’ establishments or via online. Lastly, the Brands would ideally demonstrate empathy and compassion within communities, for the environment, and the world as a whole.  Consequently, the selected Companies and the Brands they represent can be seen as responsible Enterprises to those they serve”.

Many companies world-wide use Celebrities and other entities to act as Brand or Corporate Ambassadors to endorse their products and/or services, but this will nearly always result in extremely high endorsement fees and other ancillary expenses. “But not so with Chick and Chook says Eyedeas, as Chick and Chook Brand Ambassadors are not only extremely cost effective, they are positioned to be Symbols of Trust, have an enviable ability to be flexible in the roles they portray, and arguably attract much more attention than the average human talking head

For companies wishing to explore the huge merits of incorporating Chick and Chook as their Brand Ambassadors, they can begin to do so by visiting the website and making contact with the details provided.

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