Could This Leveraging, and Co-Op Strategy Cause Some Brands To Fall Off Their Perch?

There are times when Brands need to ‘think outside the box’ and this may very well be one of those times. Enter ‘Chick and Chook’, a Creation by Eyedeas Company International who are positioning a Chicken and Rooster husband and wife duo as 21st Century Brand Ambassadors to endorse the merits of selected Companies and their Brands.

Hailed to exemplify their standing in the community as  Symbols of Reliability and Trust to consumers of the Brands they represent, Eyedeas are ultra- confident that this fictional husband and wife team could very well rack up a lot of successes, and here’s why they say:

  • “Because Chick and Chook will appeal to a wide range of selected Brands, they will quickly become synonymous with the Trust and Reliability that companies wish their Brands to be known for. Competition is tough, but when consumers see Chick and Chook endorsing a variety of non-competing Brands, and truly enacting the merits of those Brands, it’s a no-brainer that consumers will lean more in favor to purchase those Brands.
  • Companies retaining Chick and Chook as Brand Ambassadors could easily reduce advertising expenditure simply because they are ‘leveraging’ off other Enterprises. In other words, just as a co-operative is various entities collaborating towards a common goal to achieve (for example) greater benefits for the Co-Operative’s Members, the common denominator of Chick and Chook as Symbols of Reliability and Trust proliferates throughout and automatically instills a powerful confidence in consumers for any and all Brands endorsed by Chick and Chook.
  • Chick and Chook as Brand Ambassadors have the ability to empower a vast amount of flexibility for Companies and their Brands. As Characters, (and not ‘human talking heads’) they indeed possess greater ‘license’ in delivering words and actions.    We can also introduce new Characters that are either generic to Chick and Chook, or specifically unique to a Client or Brand.   Not only do these factors add to the ‘entertainment value of videos’, but can also be extremely potent in accentuating specific statements that a Company may want to highlight”.

Eyedeas says it is emphatic that the motivation and mission for every Brand represented by Chick and Chook is to:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Increase Market Share
  • Increase Consumer Loyalty

To obtain more information and/or contact Eyedeas about the possibilities of your Company and Brands utilizing Chick and Chook as your Brand Ambassadors, you’re invited to visit the website at and use the contact facilities available.

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