Brand Ambassadors, Chick and Chook ‘Living The Dream’ That Chickens Really Are Very Intelligent Creatures

A simple internet search will reveal many articles and research papers detailing the incredible intelligence of Chickens which, in an ‘eggshell’, is nothing more than startling, and contrary the belief of many. But of course, for Chick and Chook, who are now stepping out onto the world stage as 21st Century Brand Ambassadors, this is  ‘Living The Dream’. Created by Eyedeas Company International, Chick and Chook are a Rooster and Chicken that Eyedeas says “have been transformed into mainstream civilization to represent selected Companies and their brands as a Symbol of Trust, thereby garnering selected brands not only more consumers, but also capitalizing on existing consumers loyalty’.

They go on to say that “We have been very particular in the positioning not only of the uniqueness of Chick and Chook to portray the role of Brand Ambassadors, but also their personalities.

Chook is:

  • Refined and astute who dots every ‘I’ and crosses every ‘t’
  • A genius who has a ‘knack’ for developing amazing ideas
  • Strives for perfection, values research, and protective of his morals & ethics

Chick on the other hand is:

  • The ‘Rock’ behind Chook, totally hands on & an important joint decision maker
  • Has a devoted adoration for Chook, which extends to her love and appreciation of life
  • Values the trust by her followers & the Enterprises she jointly represents”

The Creators of Chick and Chook believe they have tackled many of the important traits Advertisers are looking for when studying strategies to gain increased market share.  For example, they are ‘fresh’,  ‘different’, ‘stand out from the crowd’ and ‘portray (as well as demonstrate) socially acceptable and professional qualities.

So it stands to reason that with 3 brands retaining Chick and Chook as Brand Ambassadors even before their Official Launch on the 1st April 2018, their future would appear to be looking pretty  rosy.

To obtain more information and/or contact Eyedeas  about the possibilities of your Company and Brands utilizing Chick and Chook as your Brand Ambassadors, you’re invited to visit the website at and use the contact facilities available.

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