Simbae Premium Pet Products

Simbae, the Groomers 1st Choice is proudly a family owned business with Australian origins. Simbae is the brand child of TAJA Global, a family owned business established in the year 1974, the company is recognized globally as a manufacturer of sustainable and eco-friendly leading products, creative marketing, brand, and product development. Below is there philosophy;

  • Make grooming an enjoyable bonding experience between pet and guardian.
  • Enhance dog and cat’s coat and space, keeping your pets looking clean, beautiful and healthy. They deserve nothing less.
  • Support pet parents on best grooming practices.

Chick & Chook created a fabulous campaign – that was engaging and enjoyable to watch. It truly captured the Simbae brand’s sense of humor and clearly communicated the message for the Simbae brand.

Chick & Chook promoted added the video campaign onto the Chick & Chook YouTube Channel and saw fantastic results of the video views increasing, which in return increased Simbae’s website traffic.

Simbae informed Chick & Chook of their latest target market efforts, for the Asia Pacific Region – as such we ensured all the promotional and marketing efforts were towards the Asia Pacific countries to enhance Simbae’s brand recognition in these areas.

Simbae wasn’t looking into diversifying their customer base – however, we found that by creating a unique, engaging and entertaining video campaign for the Simbae Grooming brand – it supported to attract an online crowd that normally would not have known about the Simbae brand.

When you see Chick and Chook ‘beaking off’ about a particular Product or Service, rest assured that supporting that Enterprise is one of the best actions you could possibly do (which of course), includes sharing them with everyone you can!!