Kainda Lifestyle - Coming Soon!

Your sustainable lifestyle brand filled with purity, quality and natural alternatives to enrich your home and living, exclusively online. Blended in Australia from the finest ingredients from around the world, discover the iconic fabric care, hand washes, lotions, laundry products and luxurious candles & gift sets. The Kainda woman;

  • The Kainda Woman, lives by her own philosophy and values, she loves living a culture infused life.
  • She is fueled by the passion for travel, adventure and seeks out feel good items to enhance her life.
  • Her lifestyle is original, she’s certain to stand out, and embrace nature in all that she does, she radiates vibrancy and welcomes others into her holistic sense of living.

Chick & Chook introduced a new character for the Kainda Lifestyle brand – Tinka (Chick’s Sister). Tinka, is a sassy chick from the city. She enjoys buying beautiful designer bags, clothing and anything that makes her feel beautiful inside & out. She is not materialistic – but loves expressing herself. She has a boho chic style. Wearing Gold Bands & Neckalaces, short and daring dresses that extenuate her figure to show off her legs.

Kainda wanted a campaign video to entertain and engage their new customer base for their upcoming product launch – they will upload this video onto their YouTube Channel soon!

Kainda Lifestyle informed Chick & Chook of their latest target market efforts, for the Asia Pacific Region – and they look to expand here first, so Tinka was coordinated in such a way to resonate with the ASEAN market.

Kainda is looking to diversify their customer base in terms of age groups – with a more mature market from 25 – 55 years old.

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