There are just 3 simple steps involved in order to have Chick and Chook representing your Enterprise as Brand Ambassadors!. Then together, we can set the scene to quickly elevate your Sales with their Unique Marketing & Selling skills.

Step 1

Complete the Contact Form
Using our Contact Form, send us your details, along with your Company Name & Website. Please do include some information by describing any objectives you have in mind with regards to elevating your Enterprise in our message box area.

Step 2

We’ll Be In Touch
Once we have received your Contact Form, we will reach out and start to discuss a promotional plan & licensing agreement. We will answer all the questions you’ll have, including low pricing, payment structures, and most importantly your ENTERPRISE!

Step 3

Now, Let’s Get Started
Once all the formalities are completed, we’ll get right into providing the initial Script including proposed Video Visuals. After being given the ‘green light’ on these we’ll begin producing your own Unique Chick and Chook Brand Ambassador Video!

And, most importantly!! Regardless of the objectives your Company and Brands would like to achieve, be assured our incredible support will be there from day one and throughout (what will promise to be), an exciting and rewarding business relationship.