Frequently Asked Questions

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That’s because Chick and Chook will only undertake the role as Brand Ambassadors for Enterprises who demonstrate their worthiness to their Clients, their Communities and the World as a whole. Consequently, when you see Chick and Chook ‘beaking off’ about a particular Product or Service, rest assured that supporting that Enterprise is one of the best actions you could possibly assume (which of course), includes sharing them with everyone you can!!

Chick and Chook will increase your brand awareness, engage your customer base and drive sales to your enterprise.

Chick & Chook are your 21st Century Brand Ambassadors, making them extremely versatile in their approach to engage and entertain customers via Social Media & Online Channels!

Chick and Chook are passionate about supporting new enterprises and love working together to launch new products or services. They will be sure to cluck loud and clear about your launch or event.

Absolutely, every aspect of Chick and Chook’s involvement as brand ambassadors of your company is approved prior to going live.

In a matter of weeks, we can be engaging loads more customers, exploding consumer loyalty, and elevating your sales to incredible heights.

These days, online marketing and social media are vital for any business to succeed. They must provide entertaining and engaging content to their customers in order to be remembered, stay current in the newsfeed and to also keep people talking about their company. This is where Chick and Chook Brand Ambassadors can be a beacon of light for your enterprise, highlighting your business in a fun, engaging and viral manner.

Yes, we would love to talk to you about that. We love creating more characters to interact and partner together with Chick & Chook!

Because Chick and Chook will never represent competing Products or Services, there will undoubtedly be an upsurge in awareness, followed by sales in your Enterprise… What a wonderful feeling that will be for us all! Marketing is all about “standing out from the crowd”. And there is nothing more unique than utilizing the Seal of Trust with the Chick and Chook Brand Ambassador name. We look forward to elevating your Enterprise way beyond your expectations!

Naturally we’re with you all the way, providing full support during the term of our Agreements. Whether it be introducing additional Characters, artwork, producing new videos, and a whole range of stuff in between, the support you’ll receive will be the most superior imaginable! Your success is our success and vice-versa!

Shortly following our online video meeting, we’ll submit our Agreement which will outline all the details for the Licensing of Chick and Chook, along with any special requirements negotiated & payment structures. During this time, we’d enjoy receiving a formal written brief of the USP’s your Enterprise would like to portray to the Public.


Yes, there is a licensing agreement. All customers are required to sign a licensing agreement. Any special requirements can be incorporated into the Agreement.

Our Licensing Agreement is a document that we will sign together to ensure throughout the entire process, Chick and Chook are adhering to the terms and conditions set by You and Us.

You are purchasing via a Licencing Agreement, this agreement covers everything that is and will be created with the Chick and Chook Brand Ambassadors. Inclusive of Marketing Content, Branding, Campaigns & Videos.

Our licensing agreements are extremely flexible, and you can include as much as you need it to, with little to no costs.

Once we get talking, and we know more about your Targeting, Marketing Objective and more detail on the scope required. We can provide a more detailed and accurate quotation based on your needs and requirements.

Yes, to the point where we will only ever have 1 company per Industry Category. We won’t ever have a competitor to your product or service within any agreed licensing terms.

Once all the formalities are completed, we’ll get right into providing the initial Script including proposed Video Visuals. Once the latter items are agreed upon, we’ll provide Voice Overs, and Animatics Story Board. After being given the ‘green light’ on these we’ll begin producing your own Unique Chick and Chook Brand Ambassador Video.


Using our Contact Form, send us your details, along with your Company Name &
Website. Include some information by describing any objectives you have in mind.

After a couple of days from receiving your Contact Form, we’ll arrange a
mutually convenient time to have an online video chat. At that meeting we’ll
answer all the questions you’ll have, including the low pricing currently on
offer for the limited spots available. Feel free to have others attend in
the online video hook-up.