Establishment as Long Term Brand Ambassadors

There is no doubt about it – Chick and Chook can deliver almost endless story lines for your Enterprise.

+   From the introduction of characters either as relatives or friends of Chick and Chook, to new acquaintances (such as a company revealing their own be-spoke characters).

+   With such diversity available, selected companies are able to create truly fascinating and entertaining marketing that have the capability of driving revenue and customer loyalty to incredible heights.

+   With each new story line that a company presents will also instill further credibility and trust for their existing and potential customers.

+   This strategy also allows for Marketing departments to look much further ahead, allowing strategic planning and development of promotional story lines.

Unquestionably, each Chick and Chook video released draws amazing views and as more non-competing Enterprises adopt Chick and Chook as their trusted representatives, the compounding exposure effect will be exponential providing Companies, in essence, massive ‘free advertising’ for the long term.

Short Term Brand Endorsement

It can often be the case of Enterprise’s wishing to employ a completely different strategy when staging a special event or promotion. Therefore if you are looking have such events pay handsome dividends,  utilizing the credibility and trust that Chick and Chook stand for is worth serious consideration.

+  In addition, engaging Chick & Chook as short term Brand Endorsee’s  will always add a refreshing and unique point of difference to any company’s traditional marketing and of course the brand(s) they offer. And it goes without saying that Chick and Chook always promise to be memorable and entertaining.

+   We certainly welcome the prospect of licensing Chick & Chook for short term campaigns for selected Companies provided the products or services are non-competing with any of our other clients.

+   We’re also happy to discuss incorporating additional characters for your Enterprise should you view the latter as an integral part of your promotion.

+   Utilizing Chick and Chook can also be extremely advantageous for those who hold bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly promotional events. For example, there are many companies who hold quarterly events and therefore it’s an absolutely ideal strategy to retain Chick and Chook as Endorsee’s on such occasions.

We welcome inquiries from Companies globally to discuss their concepts with us and most importantly how Chick and Chook can provide short term endorsements with the objective of significantly increasing revenue, brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Other Choices

We’re sure there are other choices – in fact we’re already developing other wonderful strategies in which the credibility and trust The Chick & Chook Brand Name exemplifies, can be an exciting part of your Enterprise’s marketing.

However, if you have any ideas or suggestions whereby you believe Chick and Chook can assist your brand(s) to shine even further, we’d love to hear from you!