Chick and Chook began their marketing careers with a unique program called The Golden Egg Project. As a direct result, their profiles shot to stardom, with numerous Enterprises requesting if they could utilize them as their Brand Ambassadors. Whilst considering these requests, we quickly realized that there was little if no marketing strategies that distinctly achieved two simultaneous & very essential objectives and now, in hindsight, it explained the reason for receiving numerous inquiries for Chick and Chook’s particular style of marketing.

Of these two objectives, the 1st was to deliver brand awareness to consumers that stood out from the crowd, presented in a witty, yet entertaining manner. The 2nd was to collectively build a solid foundation of trust that consumers would instantly relate to, and therefore within their comfort zone when dealing with Enterprises featuring Chick and Chook. Hence the statement “When it’s declared by Chick and Chook… Ya gotta take a look!”


Chick & Chook mission will forever evolve and portray credibility and trust, delivering worthy & fascinating stories as Brand Ambassadors to Enterprise’s who have a compelling desire to reach for new heights. And apart from being “Zany Marketing Guru’s” who know how to dramatically elevate virtually any Enterprise, they have distinct qualities that can influence consumers beyond the imagination.



Chick is the ‘Solid Rock‘ behind her husband Chook.    Whilst sometimes a little ‘over the top’, slightly vain, and certainly self assured, she’s totally ‘hands on‘ in not only helping with daily decisions made by Chook, but is also deeply involved with the various Enterprises who request her skills as a Brand Ambassador.

Her deep and devoted adoration for Chook is a natural extension to her love and appreciation of life, her love for all those around her, and of course the Enterprise’s she represents.  She understands fully, (and takes very seriously), the immense trust that’s bestowed upon her by her followers each time she enters the spotlight to bring good news about a particular Product of Service.

Chick has a personality that one can’t help but fall in love with.   Her zany persona is what helps to catapult the Brands she supports to incredible heights,  And giving 100% to everything she does is one of the qualities that makes her distinctly “one of a kind“!


Chook is one of the most refined and astute characters you could ever hope to meet.  But on top of that, he’s also a Genius . He has a ‘knack’ for developing ideas that are truly beneficial to the world as a whole.   And on top of that, he’s very particular in who he represents as a Brand Ambassador, as it’s not only his reputation at stake, but that also that of his loving wife Chick.

Chook is the type of Character who dots every ‘i‘ and crosses every ‘t‘. He strives for perfection in all things he does and doesn’t take what he’s told at face value.  He conducts enormous amounts of research because he needs to know within his own heart that what he’s portraying to the public sits with the strict Morals and Ethics that he lives his life by.    He also knows that contrary to the beliefs of some, chickens & roosters are in fact, very intelligent creatures, and hence, he wants us all to know that.

Chook is indeed unique in his own right and is proud he can be a true asset to those he represents.